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AIS Technology Services Expands Cloud Division By Merging with Fortitude Technology

By October 1, 2019August 23rd, 2021No Comments4 min read

SAN DIEGO, CA, October 1, 2019AIS Technology Services (AIS), a leading provider of enterprise-class connectivity, cloud, colocation, and technology services, is pleased to announce that Fortitude Technology (Fortitude), a trusted provider of enterprise-class, flexible technology solutions, will become an integrated part of the AIS Cloud Division.

AIS and Fortitude have maintained a successful 15-year partnership working together with a shared mission to help businesses run more efficiently by providing best-in-class technology solutions. By combining their technologies and expertise, the newly integrated group will deliver an unrivaled portfolio of offerings, including network services, security services, Cloud hosting platforms (Oracle, AIX, VMware, etc.), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Disaster Recovery, and Backup as a Service (BUaaS) all supported by 24x7x365 geographically diverse Network Operation Center (NOC) support teams.

“We are proud to welcome Fortitude into the AIS family,” said Matt Thoene, CEO of AIS. “Our shared cultural values and customer-centric approach make merging the two organizations a natural fit. Together we will continue to drive our collective vision of providing best-in-breed technology solutions combined with the highest level of subject matter expertise to fulfill our clients’ technology roadmaps.”

Over the last two years, AIS has transformed from a 20-year established colocation and network services provider into a full stack technology services company. As part of that, AIS’ focus has been on aggressively changing the composition of its service portfolio and direction in the market, investing over $10 million in its technology platforms, network, and facilities, and increasing the year over year investment in its operations, support, and engineering teams. The integration of AIS and Fortitude further expands the team’s capabilities, products, and services, underscoring the commitment to focus on providing future-proof cloud offerings to clients.

Fortitude’s “Core 4” Solutions – Hosting, Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Virtual Desktops – are the company’s key technology components designed to provide available, scalable, secure, performant, and compliant environments that allow businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the cloud. Recently, Fortitude has been looking to grow and increase the scope of offerings to their customers, so merging with AIS was the logical next step in that growth plan to leverage from all new portfolio gains backed by a now stronger corporate infrastructure.

Kevin Johnson, Co-founder and President of Fortitude, commented, “I’m very proud of the Fortitude team and value the relationships we have formed with our customers. With a similar mission and aligned culture, I look forward to joining forces with AIS to design and deliver custom-built solutions for customers based on their unique business needs and goals.”

“AIS and Fortitude have been partners for years and are naturally symbiotic, as we both focus on delivering customized technology solutions to businesses everywhere,” said Ken Kwiat, Co-founder and Executive VP of Fortitude. “Now together, I’m excited for this group to create synergies that will bring even greater benefits to both existing and new customers.”

As the offerings become integrated, the joined customer base will benefit from the broad technology portfolio available to them. Leveraging the combined economies of scale, AIS and Fortitude will work together to enhance product development, continually improve performance, and bring new solutions, features, and functionality to market faster.


About AIS Technology Services
AIS is a leading provider of enterprise-class connectivity, cloud, colocation, and technology services for businesses with stringent security and compliance needs. Our mission is to provide customers with best-in-class technology solutions and expert support so they can focus on their core business.

As a full stack technology services provider, we deliver the best solution for each customer’s unique workload, and then back it up with fully-managed 24x7x365 service and support. We work with customers to understand their specific business requirements and deliver customized solutions that help manage increased IT and network complexity, maintain security and compliance, and protect against ever-evolving cyber threats.

About Fortitude Technology

Fortitude Technology is a trusted provider of enterprise-class, flexible technology solutions that are easy to use and unquestionably reliable to help businesses run more efficiently. Our mission is to provide all companies, regardless of size, reliable and cost-effective access to their critical business systems. Hosting, Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Virtual Desktops are the key technology components of Fortitude Technology’s Core 4, which allows for rapid provisioning and maintenance from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Our ‘Set It & Forget It’ solutions allows our customers to focus on their business, while Fortitude protects their most critical business systems.