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Company Bio

CRGITS is a managed services provider and NFINIT channel partner offering global enterprise IT solutions.

Client: CRGITS

Industry: IT consulting (focused on infrastructure, compliance, and security)

Location: Cleveland, OH

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To maintain affordable costs through a challenging large application migration.


Various solutions across CRGITS’ clients including community cloud, hosted firewall, disaster recovery, and cloud storage


68% in savings over the public cloud and 47% in savings over physical onsite systems, resulting in thousands of dollars in savings every year.

Cloud- and IaaS-Driven Growth

The team at CRGITS is constantly in need of some type of data center element to better serve their clients. That demand has only grown lately with the rise in cloud options and offsite infrastructure as a service (IaaS) approaches. Over the course of 21+ years in business, CRGITS CEO Craig Gemmill has experimented with many solutions and become familiar with all the associated pain points.  Hidden costs with public cloud providers, for example, are very real.  Many companies moving to public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure don’t have the personnel to effectively provision and manage their public cloud investment as it grows, Gemmill explains. It quite literally spirals out of control. “Unless you’re building a purpose-built solution using micro-services in the cloud, most IT groups dip their feet in the water by deploying a VM,” he says. “This is where the trouble begins. Even with one single VM, you may have created 50 resources in your account. Sure, it was easy to do, but do you really understand what every one of those resources do and how you manage them independent of the VM? It’s very different from what many people are expecting, making it easy to get lost in the mound of resources and their associated costs.”

The Challenge: Application Migration

The 2020 application migration for one of CRGITS’ clients, an international relocation support service provider, is the perfect example.  The client acquired a custom-built software solution that had previously existed in a Nutanix and VMware environment. The architecture of the application included about 100 servers and a wide array of software packages.

CRGITS worked with NFINIT to move the client’s application into NFINIT’s Community Cloud, a hybrid solution that offers the control and security of a private cloud with the cost savings and resource scaling of a public cloud. NFINIT provided the migration tools, bandwidth, and technical resources to assist – plus, additional engineering support resources for times when the requests went above and beyond what CRGITS was able to handle in a reasonable amount of time. Over the course of about three months, NFINIT brought in a team of engineers to work closely with CRGITS to architect the client’s environment with accuracy and transparency. This application lift and shift effectively doubled the client’s IT environment with NFINIT; in addition to community cloud, the client also leverages hosted firewall, disaster recovery, and cloud storage.

“The community clouds are getting a lot of attention right now because they can accomplish the same thing for a fraction of the cost,” Gemmill said. “The public cloud has this tendency to sell you a product or a resource and not make it apparent that there are a lot of additional fees associated with the usage of that resource, whereas the community clouds (NFINIT) will typically provide a simplified upfront agreement, which our customers prefer when compared to the overwhelming nature of public cloud billing.”


NFINIT is basically an extension of our services, and we need to be able to have a direct pipeline to those guys – and we have that.

Craig GemmillChief Executive Officer

The Result: Happy Clients and Lower Costs

CRGITS priced out this same application migration over public clouds and physical onsite infrastructure. NFINIT’s solution offered 68% savings over the public cloud option and 47% savings when compared with on-premises data centers (not including any payroll costs). The bulk of the savings were related to the cost of virtual machines and their resources.
“The reason why the savings are so significant is that the public clouds are really not great for creating servers,” Gemmill said. “Public clouds are very costly when you’re creating virtual servers. Community clouds do it much more cost-effectively.” Importantly, this is not an unusual use case for the NFINIT/CRGITS partnership.  “We’re pricing out other solutions with NFINIT, and it’s all in the same ballpark,” he explained.

CRGIT savings

NFINIT has one of the best support groups that I’ve ever dealt with in a cloud operation or data center.