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Company Bio

MediKeeper designs customizable portals that allow employers, benefits providers, health plans and wellness companies to efficiently manage corporate health. The portals ensure preventative wellness programs are more effective, therefore helping to reduce costs.

Client: MediKeeper

Industry: Information Technology & Services

Location: San Diego, CA

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Explosive growth combined with certification requirements overextended the IT team and infrastructure.


Managed Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Compliance


I can focus on my business growth rather than day-to-day IT activities.” David Nguyen, Chief Technology Officer

Challenged by Too Much Success

Explosive growth, to the tune of 400% since 2017, stretched MediKeeper’s IT team to the brink of compromising quality and the company’s commitment of supporting customers 24/7/365.

The small, in-house IT team was responsible for the architecture and design of their platform as well as the network and security aspects of how clients connected and consumed their application. Keeping up with growth as well as critical IT maintenance (updating hardware, network issues, system restoration, backup routines, maintenance and 24/7/365 monitoring/response) became difficult to manage and overwhelmed the team. Additionally, MediKeeper started gaining attention from larger, national Healthcare providers for whom regulatory compliance is of paramount importance. Providing required annual HITRUST certification would set MediKeeper apart from its competition. However, the IT team simply didn’t have the manpower nor expertise to achieve it on their own.

“NFINIT’s existing processes and controls not only help us meet a third of HITRUST’s requirements, but provide us with architecture and personnel that we would not have been able to build or cover ourselves,” said David Nguyen, Chief Technology Officer. “All of this saves me an incredible amount of time and money.”

400 percent growth

The HITRUST certification process is overwhelming. NFINIT’s people, processes and controls helped us achieve it quickly.

David NguyenChief Technology Officer
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The Turnaround: A Scalable Cloud Solution

The engagement began with a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study in which NFINIT worked with MediKeeper to uncover and illustrate all of the financial elements (Hardware, Software, Infrastructure and Support) of the current delivery model. From there, NFINIT built out a comprehensive proposal to transition MediKeeper to a highly scalable cloud and managed services model leveraging the NFINIT VMware Community Cloud platform and a success-based OPEX financial model. The hybrid cloud platform seamlessly integrated MediKeeper’s physical colocation infrastructure with NFINIT Community Cloud environment.

The MediKeeper team could not have been more impressed with the ease and simplicity of moving their application, data, and perimeter security. Once the data was replicated, it only took a few minutes to synchronize and get their system up and running. The down time was as fast as switching ON and OFF in between networks. Beyond delivering a model that enables dynamic growth, NFINIT was able to produce a solution that increased capabilities including adding a managed secondary Disaster Recovery (DR) site, all while delivering a lower TCO.

“I feel 100% confident with the NFINIT solution,” Nguyen reported. “I now have a full DR and managed IDS/IPS firewall solution with access to multiple network, DR, security, infrastructure, and cloud specialist teams with 24/7/365 support.” Soon after acquiring the new NFINIT solution, Medikeeper started seeing results. For instance, MediKeeper’s most aggressive Recovery Point Objective (RPO) previously was one hour. Now, the team has a RPO of 15 seconds


The migration to their private cloud was extremely painless with zero down time.


“NFINIT ultimately knows my business and SLA requirements. With an experienced NOC team actively monitoring and maintaining my IT infrastructure, I can confidently assure my clients that we’re meeting all their metrics. I can focus on my business growth rather than worrying about day-to-day IT activities.”

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