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Secure managed cloud environments

We think of cloud not as a destination, but a journey. As your workloads, storage, and compliance needs change over time or seasonally throughout the year, so should your cloud infrastructure.

The Right Cloud, Wherever You Need It.

Achieve resiliency, scalability, and security without sacrificing speed and power with NFINIT’s cloud services.

  • Geographically distributed options support edge cloud requirements
  • Multiple platforms for uniquely performance-tuned applications
  • Various financial models meet the most complicated budgets
  • Unique support model with access to high-level technical skillsets

Private vs Community vs Public Cloud -
Which do I need?

Cloud Infrastructure
Optimized for your Success

  • On-demand, scalable infrastructure
  • No hardware upgrades or maintenance
  • Complete migration services 
  • Service model leverages flexibility in licensing, infrastructure utilization
  • Pay-as-you-go model aligns expense to revenue
  • Routine, diligent patching and maintenance reduce risks
  • Fast deployment
  • Storage optimization to fine tune end-user experience
  • Pre-integrated platform tools for backup and DR
  • Live support 24/7/365

NFINIT Cloud Services

private cloud services

Private Cloud

Single-tenant environment for maximum control and customization.

cloud computing

Public Cloud

Managed AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms designed to meet specific use cases.

cloud hosting services

Community Cloud

Multi-tenant environment that offers more customization and control than public cloud at lower costs than private cloud.


Storage as a Service (STaaS)

Multiple options to fit different data types, needs, and budgets.

Realize Savings with Managed Cloud

Building the right cloud strategy is complicated. Understanding how data flows and how end users interact with the applications is critical to the financial implications of each cloud platform.

When you rely on our team, you don’t need to develop in-house cloud expertise. No worries about training and attrition, or diverting your IT team from business-critical tasks.