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Eliminate unnecessary CapEx and overprovisioning

STaaS is Scalable On-Demand Storage

With storage as a service (STaaS), you pay only for what you use when you use it. You don’t have to overprovision to accommodate spikes in demand, or just for peace of mind. With this OpEx model, there are no forklift upgrades to budget for every few years.

STaaS storage efficiency

Pay Only for What You Use

Most organizations overinvest in traditional storage infrastructure by 50% or more, tying up capital in an unused and extraneous resource.

Fast, on-demand cloud storage deployment supports growth and fluctuations in your business.

File vs Block vs Object Storage

NFINIT technicians and engineers are well versed in all storage types. We work with you to assess your need, then build and manage the right storage platform to fit your budget.

Optimized Storage Options

You wouldn’t tee off with a putter, would you? Or hammer a finishing nail with a sledge?

Storage also requires that you match the right tool to the job. Highly active databases require a specific level of storage which is drastically different from that required for backup storage.

Using the same level of investment to power the diverse workloads negatively impacts and performance and costs.

When you partner with NFINIT for your storage, we develop a unique storage strategy that ensures you get the end user experience and availability that your business requires.

We don’t just stop at the storage itself. We also ensure that data transfer needs and processing power are taken to account.

NFINIT leverages multiple platforms with various storage tiers to provide transparent pricing and ensure performance stays optimized through fluctuations in storage and transfer needs.

Replace Legacy Storage with the Agility of STaaS

NFINIT Storage Technology Partners

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Find out how moving to an OpEx storage model will benefit your organization.

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