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Advanced internet delivers network optimization

Flexible, Never-Down Internet

NFINIT offers more redundant, network optimized service than any single carrier can provide. Four options, some with a 100% uptime guarantee, provide the ultimate in speed and reliability. You’ll never be without internet because of a carrier outage.

Our core network consists of carrier-grade Cisco routers, dedicated terabit fiber backhaul between our facilities, and an MPLS overlay to bring it all together.


Intelligent Routing

Route traffic across multiple Tier 1 Internet backbones for reliable, stable, and consistent connectivity

Predictive Routing

Identifies the most efficient path for your Internet traffic in real time, minimizing outages, bottlenecks, latency.

Isolated Public Connections

Exclusive Layer 2 network data streaming isolates core data services from the Public Internet on a single handoff from our fiber backbone, increasing security and privacy.

Aggregated Carrier Services

Aggregate carrier services across your entire portfolio for a single point of accountability for support and network management.

Benefits of Advanced Internet Service

Work-at-Home Optimization

Provides optimal network access for a distributed workforce leveraging at-home residential internet carriers.

Mobile Network Optimization

Access to premium network carriers that provide the backbone of the mobile network.

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