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Improve performance and costs of your AWS or public cloud connection

Advantages of NFINIT AWS Direct Connect and Azure Express Route

Simply put, direct connections through NFINIT give you better, more consistent network performance, increased security, and lower costs than you can achieve by aggregating services on your own. We provide a private, dark fiber connection to any AWS, Azure, or Google cloud location in the world with reduced latency.

All this, with up to 66% cost savings on data egress rates.

  • Simplify. Forego using VPNs when connecting to AWS and public cloud
  • Privacy. Comply with privacy laws with a private connection, bypassing public internet
  • Total Reliability. Dedicated bandwidth guarantees fast, reliable throughput
  • Redundancy. Diverse fiber provider pathways for mission critical traffic
  • Familiar. Use your existing AWS account, manage it as you always have
  • Flexible. Supports public peering, AWS Direct Connect Gateway, AWS Transit Gateway

AWS Direct Connect Deployment

AWS Direct Connect Gateway

Leveraging the AWS Direct Connect Gateway, we connect the customer environment to their virtual private clouds (VPCs).

aws direct connect
aws direct connect

Redundant Direct Connect Deployment

Ensure reliability for critical applications with redundant deployments leveraging two AWS on-ramps to connect two AWS accounts to on-premise equipment.

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