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Managed services that maximize your IT productivity

The IT landscape grows more complex every year. New applications, remote workers, growing data sets, evolving cyberthreats, more complex ecosystems. Does trying to keep up with these challenges prevent your IT team from moving top priorities forward?

Are you Matching the Right Skillsets to the Right Level of Work?

With today’s sophisticated IT ecosystems, it’s difficult to build or maintain truly specialized skills in-house, especially when they’re not needed on a full-time basis. Enter NFINIT. Our clients benefit from a talent timeshare concept that aligns our specialized expertise with your needs. Utilizing our managed services also ensures that your higher-paid talent isn’t wastefully diverted to low-level maintenance tasks.

1/3 of IT staff hours time is on routine maintenance

Why continue to take on that work?

Why would you have a highly skilled network engineer waste any portion of their time on routine, but essential maintenance tasks?

Conversely, stretching an entry-level system admin to design to the security posture of your organization could be catastrophic.

Our NFINIT team can fill your high-level expertise gaps with fractional, supplemental talent. We can also take routine monitoring and maintenance off your plate. Whatever the need, we can match the talent to the task.

Our Services

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

NFINIT BaaS eliminates the heavy lifting of running data protection in house, with 24/7/365 monitoring and support.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Your best protection against downtime. We design, deploy, test, and manage DRaaS for you, so should a problem arise, your company is back up and working ASAP.

Advanced Monitoring

This IT service management combines round-the-clock monitoring and alert resolution with data-driven insights that inform future strategy.


of data breaches are caused by missing OS or application patches. Is your team keeping systems and applications up to date?

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The Build vs Buy Debate

Buying today’s technology keeps you locked into using that technology for many years to come, putting your company into IT debt associated with costs, maintenance, and training on these tools.  And it’s unlikely that they’ll meet your needs one, two, or three years from now.

Leveraging NFINIT’s fully integrated platforms, you’ll build with modern business technologies and be able to keep up with technology evolution, all while not growing your technology debt. Your organization will operate on the most current environments with NFINIT managing upgrades and supplying expertise for the underlying technology. We’ll ensure that technology adoption drives your intelligent outcomes over the long haul, not just for today.

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