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Edge brings the cloud to your door

Managed Enterprise-Grade Compute, Networking, Storage

You’ll do more, faster with NFINIT Edge. It provides you with localized access to data and processing with reduced latency and bandwidth demand vs traditional cloud options.

With an included secure, immutable cloud backup, and alternative production environment, Edge is the cornerstone of a sound business continuity strategy.

On-Prem and Remote
Managed Services

Fully Managed
Edge-as-a-Service that Includes

On-premise Edge appliance hardware for localized backup and restore capability

Redundant off-premise, immutable cloud backup

Supported device setup with simple Quick Start Guide

24/7/365 professional maintenance, monitoring, and support for on-prem Edge appliance and and off-prem cloud

OpEx model that eliminates expensive CapEx hardware upgrades and overprovisioning

Partners Elevate Edge Performance

  • No variable, usage-based fees
  • Predictable OpEx cost model
  • Maintains ideal capacity
  • Optional immutability
  • NFINIT 24/7/365 security and support
  • S3 and Swift compatible
  • Backup, DR, File Archive, WORM, Big Data, AI
  • Storage is pre-integrated into VMWare Community Cloud
  • Serves as backup off-prem production environment
  • Multi-tenant self-management through vCloud Director